DARLYNE A. MURAWSKI - photographer, writer & biologist | Maine, Acadia National Park
Created 25-Mar-15
38 photos

Rocky understory;  Acadia NPFoggy view from the summit of Cadillac MountainA herring gull sipping water;  Cadillac Mt., Acadia National ParkA fly agaric mushroom; Acadia NPRussula mushrooms and moss; Acadia NPForest floor with painted suillus mushrooms and reindeer moss; Acadia NPView of a lake and forest from Cadillac Mountain in Acadia NPFir seedling and lichens on the forest floor; Acadia NPDramatic sunrise from Acadia NP'Cobblestone bridge', the first carriage road bridge built in Acadia NPFoggy view of Long Pond and surrounding habitatOverhead view of fall foliage along Duck Brook; Acadia NP

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