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The mountainous Khlong Lan National Park has many streams and rivers.A revered old tree in front of a waterfall in Klong Lan National Park.View from the river just above the waterfall in Khlong Lan National Park.View of forest in Klong Lan National Park.Head of Buddha in Ayutthaya, a World Heritage SiteA curious stray dog among the ancient ruins of AyutthayaRuins of the ancient city of AyutthayaOutdoor market near Klong Lan National Park.Fish for sale in outdoor market.Insects for sale in outdoor market.A very popular waterfall in Kao Yai NP.  The park is designated as an ASEAN World Heritage Site.Monkey statue in Khao No in Nakhon Sawan ProvinceMonkey statue in Khao No in Nakhon Sawan ProvinceA monkey climbs up my vehicle in Khao NoIn Khao No, people place stuffed alligators on their cars to keep the monkeys off.Monkeys rule in Khao No.View along a stream in Khao-Pu Khao-Ya National Park

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