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Closeup of the Golden StupaThe Golden Stupa, or Phra Sri Rattana ChediThe Grand Palace.  Bangkok, ThailandStatues of two giant spirits (yaksha) guarding the Wat Phra Kaew temple groundsOrnate entrance to the Phra Mondop libraryStatues of Krut adorn the Phra Mondop library of the temple of the emerald buddhaDeail of an ornate column on the Phra Mondop libraryExterior of the Phra Mondop libraryA statue guards the Phra Mondop library of the Grand PalaceA kinnon, a statue of a mythological half man - half birdOrnate carving of a mythological god at the temple of the emerald buddhaCarvings of mythological gods and goddesses at the temple of the emerald buddhaA line of thai spires, prangs, gild the grounds of the Grand PalaceThe roof of Phra Thinang Dusit Maja PrasatThe roof of Phra Thinang dusit Maja PrasatArchitectural detail of a building in the Grand PalaceCloseup of the decorative surface of a building exteriorA soldier of the King's Guard and elephant statues in front of the Throne HallThe exterior of the Palace Throne Hall

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