DARLYNE A. MURAWSKI - photographer, writer & biologist | Cape Cod
Created 23-Jun-12
18 photos

People enjoying the tidal flats at sunsetKayaking at sunsetSand, water and sky at low tideFootsteps on the National SeashoreEarly morning view of the Cape Cod National SeashoreLate afternoon view of the National SeashoreTiny plant growing among sand grainsBrewster tidal flatsSunrise on the Brewster tidal flatsWindmill in Orleans.Pollarded tree by the Stony Brook gristmill.  BrewsterMarsh view in EasthamSunrise on a salt pondMermaid weathervane in ChathamOld fire wagon weathervane in BrewsterMan in the moon weathervane in ProvincetownRiver herring (alewives) swimming upstream to spawn.Herring gull eating a river herring.

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