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Water drops on an iris leaf.Rippling water in a pond reflects fall foliage.Early morning scene in the Smoky Mountains National Park.Rushing water in a Smoky Mountains stream in spring.A jewel bug from southern Thailand.Trametes versicolor fungus on a log.  Massachusetts.A chanterelle mushroom from a secret location somewhere in Massachusetts.An Arthrobotrys fungus trapping nematode worms.Swimming muskrat.  MassachusettsHorseshoe crab eggs hatching.  The one at top is swimming freely.Closeup of a sea-biscuit shell.Horseshoe crabs line up on shore in Chatham, Cape Cod.Closeup of Jack-O-Lantern mushrooms.A moth infected with Cordyceps fungus. ThailandNGS Picture Id:1038079

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