DARLYNE A. MURAWSKI - photographer, writer & biologist | About
Darlyne Murawski is a nature photographer and writer with years of experience as a research biologist working with tropical plants and butterflies. Since 1993, her articles have appeared in National Geographic Magazine and many international publications, children's magazines and books. She has traveled the world to showcase the lives and ecology of small critters - including butterflies, moths, fungi, parasites, spider webs, marine worms, horseshoe crabs, mollusks, and glass-shelled diatoms. Her goal of motivating a younger audience to explore the world of nature around them has led her to write and photograph six highly acclaimed children's books: The World of Reptiles (from the Ranger Rick Science Spectacular series); Bug Faces, Spiders and Their Webs, Face to Face with Caterpillars, and Face to Face with Butterflies (National Geographic Society); and Animal Faces (Sterling Publishing Co, NY). Darlyne also does author's visits to schools with her nature programs (see programs), and leads photographic workshops for children and adults, including professional photographers. She has been honored with the prestigious Award of Excellence (2001) from Communications Arts and by the Alfred Eisenstaedt Award Committee for her nature photography (1998, 1999).

Darlyne Murawski holds a doctoral degree in Biology from the University of Texas and a Masters of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has worked and published as a research biologist (University of Georgia, U. Massachusetts, and Harvard University) and has taught courses in biology and photography. Currently she devotes most of her time to photography and writing. Her home is in Arlington, Massachusetts.